Super-obsessive Story Collecting

March has been a good reading month. 70 stories read (two of which, Bird Box and The Ballad of Black Tom, were longer narratives).  I’m on a roll. Here’s what I read in March:

MAR 01
“Word Doll” Jeffrey Ford
“The Unthinkable” Bruce Sterling
“Skullpocket” Nathan Ballingrud
“The Mysteries” Livia Llewellyn

MAR 02
“Hibbler’s Minions” Jeffrey Ford
“Rawhead Rex” Clive Barker
“Monster” Kelly Link

MAR 03
“Magic for Beginners” Kelly Link
“Love Songs from the Hydrogen Jukebox” T.E. Grau

MAR 04
“Frontier Death Song”” Laird Barron
“The Broadsword” Laird Barron
“The Specialist’s Hat” Kelly Link
“Twinkle, Twinkle” T.E. Grau

MAR 05
“Night’s Foul Bird” Orrin Grey
“A Collapse of Horses” Brian Evenson
“The Plague” Ken Liu

MAR 06
“The Bedroom Light” Jeffrey Ford
“All Change” Ray Cluley

MAR 07

MAR 08
“And the Carnival Left Town” A.C. Wise
“Dagon” H.P. Lovecraft
“Herbert West–Reanimator” H.P. Lovecraft
“Work, Hook, Shoot, Rip” Nick Mamatas

MAR 09
“Tenderizer” Stephen Graham Jones
“Ardor” Laird Barron
“Final Girl II: the Frame” Daphne Gottlieb
“Lapland, or Film Noir” Peter Straub
“I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing” Ray Cluley

MAR 11
“Ripperology” Orrin Grey
“Hour of the Tortoise” Molly Tanzer

MAR 12
“The Festering” Ray Cluley

MAR 13
“The Third Bear” Jeff VanderMeer
“Union Man” Christopher Irvin

MAR 14
“City of the Dog” John Langan
BIRD BOX Josh Malerman

MAR 15
“White Rabbit” Georgina Bruce
“Child of Thorns” Ray Cluley

MAR 18
“Corpsemouth” John Langan
“At Night, When the Demons Come” Ray Cluley
“Vampires in the Lemon Grove” Karen Russell
“No Breather in the World But Thee” Jeff VanderMeer
“Suffer the Little Children” Stephen King

MAR 21
“A Good Man is Hard to Find” Flannery O’Connor
“Crouch End” Stephen King
“Walpurgisnacht” Orrin Grey

MAR 22
“The Red Church” Orrin Grey
“Rainy Season” Stephen King

MAR 24
“The Familiars” Micaela Morrissette

MAR 25
“Great Uncle Eltweed” Matthew M. Bartlett
“Catch Hell” Laird Barron

MAR 28
“each thing i show you is a piece of my death” Gemma Files and Stephen J. Barringer
“The Mission” T.E. Grau
“Chucky Comes to Liverpool” Ramsey Campbell

MAR 29
“Shay Corsham Worsted” Garth Nix
“Kaiju” Gary McMahon
“Signal to Noise” Gemma Files
“Wendigo Nights” Siobhan Carroll
“The River” Flannery O’Connor
“The Life You Save May Be Your Own” Flannery O’Connor
“Like Feather, Like Bone” Kristi DeMeester
“Doctor Faustus” Mary Robinette Kowal
“Doll Court” Richard Bowes

MAR 30
“Jaws of Saturn” Laird Barron
“Halfway Home” Linda Nagata

MAR 31
“Apports” Stephen Bacon
“Nemesis” Laird Barron
“Mr. Splitfoot” Dale Bailey
“Bones of Crow” Ray Cluley
“A Matter of Shapespace” Brian Trent
“The Tiger” Nina Allan



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