Dr. Strange, or How I Sold My Soul to Disney and Got to See a Seven-Minute Preview of a Movie

This time in my life may be the most positive and exciting that I’ve ever experienced. My wife and I are old hats at the downward spiral of luck and depression. We’ve had quite a few rough years. But in the past month that spiral has turned, and our world is brightening up. Happiness and good fortune abounds! That means MOTIVATION, one of the rarest of qualities, is suddenly in abundance at the Marley household, so the wife and I are changing to reflect it.

I’m writing way more, and it’s coming along great. I got a spark of validation, a sale, and I am looking forward to producing more and more fiction that’s worth a damn in the coming weeks/months/years. Also, we’re eating better and working out and all that good stuff that, frankly, you can’t ever do for extended periods of time when you’re wallowing in depression and self-loathing. It just ain’t possible, folks. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Part of our regime is that we go for walks. For our anniversary this year, our family sold a chunk of our souls to Disney and we got annual passes to the Disneyland Resort. It’s only three miles from our house, so technically Disneyland is the closest park to us. We’re lucky like that. We pay for it with traffic and over-crowding at local businesses and tourists wandering through our Target, stealing the last box of toothpaste so we have to switch brands on the fly. It’s a hardship, let me tell ya.

So the wife and I walk at Disneyland and the other one. California Adventure park. We put in a couple of miles, people watch, have fun while the kid’s at school. (Hello, daughter of the future! You’ve found Daddy’s blog?!? Yeah, Mom and I went to Disneyland all the time without you. Sorry about that. Well, I hope I’m still alive and you’re very successful doing whatever you’ve set your mind to! Call your mother!)

Today’s walk resulted in the unexpected. There’s a little theater off in one corner of the California Adventure park, and today they were showing an eight minute preview of the new Dr. Strange movie, due out in November.

The wife was kind enough to derail our walk so I could geek out. The Cumberbatch costume was there, looking amazingly detailed. They gave us 3D glasses, and we saw a whole new world unfold in a giant theater with only seven other people.

I cheered. Seriously. All the confusing shit from the trailers suddenly made sense in 3D. Not only made sense, but BLEW MY FRIGGIN MIND!

I don’t 3D movies when I have the option, but I’m gonna 3D this one. That’s right, I’ve used 3D as a verb. Just for this. Just for Dr. Strange!

So, if you’re in the area of an extraordinarily expensive theme park and you think it’s worth eight minutes of fun, take yourself over to see the Dr. Strange preview. It was spectacular.



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2 responses to “Dr. Strange, or How I Sold My Soul to Disney and Got to See a Seven-Minute Preview of a Movie

  1. I love reading this positive news, Jake.

    Go, man, go!

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