Uncle Stevie’s Opera Adaptation

Right now, should you want, you can listen to AN OPERA BASED ON STEPHEN KING’S THE SHINING! Go on, if you want. Link’s right HERE.

I feel like this may be the new standard by which a successful horror story is classified. Forget the hum-drum film adaptations. Comics? Who even reads those any longer? Nope, opera is WHERE IT’S AT.

I’m goofing a bit, but I really do think it’s incredibly cool that there are not only people who still perform opera in our jaded, hostile world, but that some folks are out there writing new ones. I’m not an opera guy per se, but I respect the passions of artists and musicians. In all seriousness, you should go back and click the link and take a listen. I sampled it, listening to snippets, but I was impressed as hell. It’s really opera, man. And even though it’s in English, I can’t make out what they’re saying half the time. I think that gets you extra points in the opera world, but maybe I’m thinking of something else.

If they do an opera of The Stand, though, you know I’ll give it a listen.


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