October’s Gone, But Not Forgotten

It was a small goal. It shouldn’t have been too hard to accomplish. After all, it’s not like I’m so busy I can’t just make a note or drop a line, is it?


I wanted to catalog all of the stories I’d read in October, but I blew it. I only lasted a week in my notes, so I’ll add them here as well as anything I can pull out of the trench of my memory.

“Binti” Nnedi Okorafor

“Of Sorrow and Such” Angela Slatter

“The Night Cyclist” Stephen Graham Jones

“Nesters” Siobhan Carroll

“Every Heart a Doorway” Seanan McGuire

“Eternal Troutland” Stephen Graham Jones

“The Supplement” John Langan

“Mortensen’s Muse” Orrin Grey

“Oblivion Mode” Laird Barron

“Laal Andhi” Usman T. Malik

The Shining Stephen King

Thrill Me: Essays on Fiction Benjamin Percy

“The Specialist’s Hat” Kelly Link

Ghost Story Peter Straub

14 Peter Clines

Nightwise R.S. Belcher (this may have been in September)

The Shining Girls Lauren Beukes

“The Ballad of Black Tom” Victor LaValle


and that’s what I can remember. Not great, with quite a few double- or triple-dips (or octuple, in the case of the Kelly Link story). I don’t read a lot of non-fiction, but the Benjamin Percy book was so good, I know I’m going to probably run through it again before the end of the year. Full of SO MUCH information, I feel like it’s practically a lecture series.

November is here, and I’m going to catalog my stories a little differently, I think, so this time next month I should have a proper blog post, a little more evenly laid out like my earlier runs at it.



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